Why is the life of Jesus Good News?

The Good News about Jesus is called the Gospel. That is the Good News of what Jesus has done for us. It is an accomplished event through His life, death and resurrection. There is nothing we can add or subtract from what He did for us. That is the Good News.


Dr Tim Keller once said "...the Gospel is news about what God has already done for you, rather than instruction and advice about what you are to do for God... In other religions, God reveals to us how we can find or achieve salvation. In Christianity, God achieves salvation for us. The Gospel brings news primarily, rather than instruction.  ...the Gospel is all about historic events, and thus it has a public character. It identifies Christian faith as news that has significance for all people, indeed for the whole world, not merely as esoteric understanding or insight....if Jesus has not risen from the dead, Christianity does not 'work'. The Gospel is that Jesus died and rose for us. If the historic events of His life did not happen, then Christianity does not 'work' for the Good News is that God has entered the human "now" (history) with the life of the world to come....the Gospel is news about what God has done in history to save us, rather than advice about what we must do to reach God. The Gospel is news that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection in history has achieved our salvation...Jesus does not just bring good news; He is the Good News."


The Gospel is the life-transforming and life-altering Good News about Jesus. He is the eternal Son of God, who became a human, lived a sinless life on earth under the Law, died for humanity's sin and rose from the grave on the third day. Through His death humanity was reconciled with God and by His resurrection, all enemies were defeated.


D.A. Carson says the gospel centres "upon Jesus Christ and what God has done through him. The essential points of the gospel are Jesus Christ's status as the Son of God, his genuine humanity, his death for our sins, his burial, resurrection, subsequent appearances, and future coming in judgment. That no one is justified but in the gracious work of Jesus Christ in his death and resurrection. It is not merely a recital of theological truths and historical events; rather, it relates these truths and events to situations of every individual believer."

Jesus is the Good News.