Why do we need Jesus?

If I am happy with my spiritual life, why do I need Jesus? He was an inspiring moral role model, who like many other historical teachers offered us a path to truth and enlightenment. God is in everything beautiful and pure, surely many paths lead to God? Why do I need to limit myself to one teacher, one guru, one master, one swami, one prophet or one Christ? Why do I need to limit my spiritual experiences to  Jesus? Why do I need Jesus?


In order to answer the valid question of why we need Jesus, we need to answer another question first. That question is: "What is wrong with the world ?". The Times newspaper once sends out a query to influential thinkers of its day to enquire; "What's wrong with the world today?". The well-known  Christian thinker G.K. Chesterton responded as follows:


"Dear Sirs:


I am.


Sincerely Yours,


G.K. Chesterton."


Each of us is what is wrong with the world today. The bible tells us the human heart " is hopelessly dark and deceitful, a puzzle that no one can figure out." (Jer 17:9, MSG). The Bible does not view good or bad just based upon behaviour that is aberrant but the reality is that we are estranged from God. Jesus describes the human condition as a darkening of the human heart due to the fact that we are detached from God. He describes humanity as being in open rebellion against God's purposes for humanity, which breaks the trust that God has placed in humanity. The essence of the problem is our disregard for God, which causes damaging, immoral and depraved behaviour. Scripture describes this human condition as missing the mark or crossing a boundary. This is called sin. 


In fact, the Bible states: "Everyone has sinned. No one measures up to God's glory." (Rom 3:23 NIrV) and we are all born this way (Ps 58:3). Our sin separates us from God who is perfect holiness (righteousness and justice). In order for us to be acceptable to God, we must be as good as God is. Before God, we all are exposed, defenceless, and desperate in our efforts. God's holiness demands that sin must be judged and the Bible states that the judgement of sin is death (Rom 6:23).


The Bible also shows that God is love, He shows unmerited favour and mercy towards us. For that reason, He provided a solution for us (Jn 3:16). Not wishing that we suffer death forever, God determined to save a people for Himself through Jesus, send Him to earth where He became a man and lived the life we should have lived and died the death we justly deserve. God loves sinners and sent Jesus to receive the punishment of sin on our behalf (1 Jn 4:10; Jn 6:37). This is the good news of Jesus, the gift of God’s own Son who became a man, lived a sinless life, died on the cross for our sin, and was raised from the grave proving both the fact He is God’s Son and the eternal value of His death for us. 


We need Jesus in view of His life expressing, trough each word He spoke and through each action He undertook, that He is God’s free gift of saving grace.