Why Seeds?

Good morning Family

Going to be sharing on this blog called ”Seeds of Hope” , look out for texts with scripture & videos as we grow and be encouraged.

Trusting this will help grow, nature us and we stay on track for God’s Kingdom Purpose for our lives …….

And a few reasons come to mind when I think of seeds:

  • Each see grows at its own pace, you cannot tell a seed when to start germinating all you can do is water and give it sunlight and when the seed is ready it will grow. Through this blog I want to plant seeds of Hope, water with the word of God and bring understanding of these words .

  • A seed never lies if you plant a peach seed a pumpkin won’t grow. What you sow you will reap.

  • In the Spirit we are all seeds and we plant seeds when we engage with each other ; some of the seeds will grow and other times they might grow later once they have received enough water; water being the word of God and sunlight representing understanding of the word of God. Once these 2 come together with the right soil your seed will grow.

Watch this space …….



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