The life of Jesus.

Our modern civilisation is organised around the fact of Jesus’ life. Whatever your religion, whether it is an army commander in North Korea or a jihadi terrorist in Pakistan everyone acknowledges Jesus every time they use the international dating system. Time itself is structured around the event of Jesus’ birth.  Some of the noblest quests of history were motivated by a love for Jesus. The life of Jesus has changed human history.


Jesus was born in Bethlem during the closing years of the reign of Herold the Great at a time when Israel was under Roman occupation. Jesus started His public ministry after He was baptised by His relative John. He travelled the area of Galilee teaching people and performing many miracles. The healings, raising the dead,  feeding crowds, and even having command over the forces of nature proved that He was Israel’s promised Messiah who would restore God’s Kingdom of justice, love, peace and mercy.  During  His life, He fulfilled more than 300 Old Testament prophecies about Him.


Jesus visited Jerusalem numerous times to attend Jewish religious festivals. History records that the conflict between Jesus and the religious leaders of His day spilt over into His unjust death. On His last Passover in Jerusalem Jesus was betrayed by one of his friends. He was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, where after He was unfairly tried before the Jewish high court. The council found Him guilty of blasphemy, making threats against the temple and falsely claiming He is the Messiah. They sentenced Him to death, but they did not have the authority to carry it out.  They took Him to the Roman Governor to have Him killed. The Governor Pontius Pilate who wanted to appease the Jewish leaders had Him crucified. After dying a gruesome death, His body was laid in a tomb owned by a rich follower.


On Sunday Jesus rose from the dead and appeared alive to His disciples.